Saturday, January 9, 2010

Photo for the 7th

Trying to be arty - trying being the operative word

4-9th of January 365 days of Photos

Todays photo of a flower in my garden, I need to get myself orgaised to pick a Bud and take a photo each day at the same time to watch what it does -

Zorro was taken because a friends son was playing with it and wanted a photo taken so here is Zorro on Friday the 8th of January

My bargin shoes - Bought these at DFO on my shopping day Wednesday for $40 - score!!

This is my beautiful girl who decided to be the one to take her own photo for the day.

Mushrooms that popped up in my yard after some beautiful rainy weather. They only lasted two days before disappearing again.

No I haven't forgotten a photo for the 7th - I just need to e-mail it to myself - before I can add it to the blog -

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This one is 3/365
I nearly forgot to take one today

After Mowing we sweep the path

Photo 1/365

The kids gearing up for a day out on the house boat - Jessy is along for the ride too.
New Years Day Picture 1/365.

Fiona's year in Photos

Well this is my first attempt at Project 365 - I have downloaded the app on my iphone so hopefully I will remember to use it at least once a day. Now I need to work out how to upload my photos into this Blog space.
Had some trouble adding images to my Twitter account from the phone - but facebook link worked.